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Mini Fan Air Conditioning Lashes Dryer


*100% Brand New and High Quality
*Should blow lashes after application for glue to be completely dry before letting customers open their eyes.
*Instruction: Work or Charge State will be blue light. Chargin full will be Red light.
*Refrigeration sponge: Push back the cover, take out the sponge which soaked in pure water, wring it out, install it back to the cover.
Use attention
Product Charging
The charging status and working status display a blue light. The charge is full and the red light is displayed.
Refrigeration sponge
1.Push the back cover open, take the sponge soaked in pure water, take it out slightly, and put it back in the case.
2.A few drops of perfume can be applied to the sponge to create a charming fragrance.
Product configuration
One mini fan, one USB charging cable, one lanyard

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Black, Azul, Branco


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