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Skin Monarch Luxury Cartridge


Skin Monarch acdemy presents highest premium quality cartridge created for professional Masters for permanent make up and tattoo treatments.
Can be used for many others high class devices with cartridge system!
D type cap for all type shadings technique, more space for needle and better pigment flow
R type cap for lining procedure, pixels, hair strokes, eyeliner, lip contour
More performance:
-Clear color tip – better visibility
-Perfectly tapered needles
-With soft silicone finger grip
-With innovation ink tank system
-Needles made 316 medical grade stainless steel
-100% EO Gas Sterilized and individually packaged

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3 RLR – 0.25mm, 3RLR – 0.18mm, 1RLR – 0.18mm, 1RLR – 0.30mm, 1RLD 0.30mm, 1RLD – 0.25mm, 1RLD – 0.22mm, 3RLR – 0.22mm, 1RLD – 0.18mm, 1RLD – 0.25mm, 3RLD – 0.18mm, 3RLR – 0.25mm, 1RLR – 0.22mm, 3RLD – 0.22mm, 3RLD – 0.25mm


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